AthleteMannies & Nannies





Zoe, TW11 - We have used AthleteMannies to find an after-school nanny for my son. The agency found us a great guy who is a semi-pro footballer and my son loves him. We also used the agency to find a local babysitter who is also fantastic so we have had two very good experiences. It's very straightforward to use and the people who run it are friendly, professional and responsive. I would highly recommend.

Rebecca, TW9 - Amazing company, so helpful & really fast communication.

Steph, tW10 - My 3 boys' energy levels can be intimidating at times but these guys found the perfect 'Mannie' to keep them occupied. Josh wasn't perfect when he first started, he had never mad a gluten free meal before but now makes a mean smoked salmon potato salad. We froze our subscription this month (the boys actually wanted him to come on our holiday with us!) but are starting back up in September with a new 'Nanny' this time who when we meet for an interview had the same type of energy and enthusiasm as Josh. Love the active kids message, love the flexibility, can't recommend enough.

Alison, TW10 - My kids love their new male nanny. He is so fun and approachable… He cooks great food too!

Gail, TW1 - Super fast response, excellent service. Our children love having the nanny collect them from school.

Krysia, TW11 - All is going really well with our AthleteMannies! The boys have really taken to him and really enjoy playing with him after school.

Marilyn, TW1 - Our AthleteNannie is great, thank you we are very happy.

Nicky, TW1 - Our AthleteNannies is a star! It’s going well.

Gill, TW12 - Absolutely perfect with Our AthleteNannie. She is super reliable and is always happy to do more hours when needed.

Andrea, TW1 - She’s very reliable and the children love her, which is the most important aspect.

Emma, TW11 - Thank you, She’s fabulous and the girls love her!!

Alison, TW12 -  We absolutely love her. She is a real credit to your organisation. 

Caroline, TW11 - Everything is working out very well with Our AthleteNannie. She's very reliable, trustworthy and great with the kids. She's the perfect fit so thanks for that. 

Caitlin, TW12 - We’re super happy with our AthleteMannie - if only he had more time! He’s great with Felix, super organised, punctual and gives really helpful feedback.

David, KT1 - Our nanny has been exceptional this year! We are so sad to see her go, the kids loved her.