AthleteMannies & Nannies





Alison, TW10 - My kids love their new male nanny. He is so fun and approachable… He cooks great food too!

Gail, TW1 - Super fast response, excellent service. Our children love having the nanny collect them from school.

Krysia, TW11 - All is going really well with our AthleteMannies! The boys have really taken to him and really enjoy playing with him after school.

Marilyn, TW1 - Our AthleteNannie is great, thank you we are very happy.

Nicky, TW1 - Our AthleteNannies is a star! It’s going well.

Gill, TW12 - Absolutely perfect with Our AthleteNannie. She is super reliable and is always happy to do more hours when needed.

Andrea, TW1 - She’s very reliable and the children love her, which is the most important aspect.

Emma, TW11 - Thank you, She’s fabulous and the girls love her!!

Alison, TW12 -  We absolutely love her. She is a real credit to your organisation. 

Caroline, TW11 - Everything is working out very well with Our AthleteNannie. She's very reliable, trustworthy and great with the kids. She's the perfect fit so thanks for that. 

Caitlin, TW12 - We’re super happy with our AthleteMannie - if only he had more time! He’s great with Felix, super organised, punctual and gives really helpful feedback.

David, KT1 - Our nanny has been exceptional this year! We are so sad to see her go, the kids loved her.