AthleteMannies & Nannies




Our membership fee is a monthly retainer to not only use our exceptional nannies and male nannies but to also gain access to the additional services we provide.

More information can be found below on what you get when you sign up to the AthleteMannies and Nannie family.

£50 per month membership fee*

  • xSchool pick up and drop off (Monday to Friday) - Typical hours are 7:00am-9:00am and 3:00pm-7:00pm

  • Ad hoc childcare - Email us specific hours and dates you need and we will introduce you to a AthleteMannie or nanny to help you.

  • Babysitting - 6:00pm onwards weekday and over the weekends

  • Holiday childcare - full day and half term support during the holidays filled with fun games and activities organised by our male and female nannies

  • Guaranteed space (3 session per week) with the AthleteMannies Fitness Coach

  • Monthly super healthy nutrition plans and shopping lists designed by the AthleteMannies PT

  • WhatsApp group (you, your nanny and us only) - Weekly messages with new games, recipes and tips as well as the opportunity for you to communicate with us and your nanny directly.

  • 24/7 support 365 days per week

  • Priority of any new customers anytime of year if you need a replacement nanny/ male nanny

  • Weekend help (babysitting and additional support)

Please note that there is a 4 month minimum sign up clause to our membership service.

*If you require 2 nannies to help you week-in-week out there is an additional charge of £10 on top of your £50 membership

*Plus the candidates hourly wage (current demand is £8-10 per hour) 

* AthleteMannies Fitness Coach 'multi sport' sessions (£20 per hour - 60 minute sessions)