AthleteMannies & Nannies

‘The first sports inspired nanny agency’


Our mission

Our mission is to increase the amount of physical activity children do on a daily basis and to improve their health and wellbeing. We are achieving our goal by matching families in need of after school pick up help with sporty, energetic and enthusiastic nannies and male nannies. Our candidates are all passionate, high achieving and motivated individuals, aspiring to pursue sport or teaching as a career. We network around the local area and work tirelessly to match families with the high quality candidates. 

AthleteMannies and Nannies provides the highest possible calibre of sporty and reliable candidates to parents who are concerned by the child safety standards offered by other agencies. Our highest priority is the safety, security and happiness of your children!


Our story

AthleteMannies was founded by two international distance runners studying Sport Science at St Mary's University, Twickenham. The undergraduate degree taught them the importance of exercise and nutrition and how leading a healthy and active lifestyle can improve a number of aspects of our health and wellbeing. During their time studying at university, they both worked as male nannies in the local area and found that their passion for exercise significantly improved the lives of the children they looked after. Not only do they highly value the importance of exercise and nutrition for children, but they also value the importance of providing quality candidates with a like-minder attitude.

Read Richard and Bens full story below!




Tax an NI thresholds

Lower Earnings Limit (£116 gross per week or less) - If you pay your employee the LEL or below, there is nothing due to HMRC and your employee will not be entitled to any state pensions or benefits.

Bracket between Lower Earnings Limit and NI Threshold ( £116-£162 gross per week) - If you pay your employee between these figures there is nothing due to HMRC, however you should still register so your employee will be entitled to state pension and benefits.

Employer's (Secondary) NI Threshold (£162 gross per week or more) - If you pay your employee £162 or more you must register and pay Employer’s NI.

Employee's (Primary) NI Threshold (£162 gross per week or more) - If you pay your employee £162 or more you must now deduct National Insurance on behalf of your employee, as well as pay Employer’s NI.

Tax Threshold (Over £228 gross per week) - If you pay your employee £228 or more you must now also deduct tax on from your employee.

We recommend Nannytax to do the nannies/ male nannies payroll.

Employers Liability Insurance must also be taken out if it is not already on your household insurance policy.  Nanny Tax ( and Morton Michel ( both offer stand alone policies.

AthleteMannies and Nannies can provide a suitable draft contract of employment between the client and candidate. Please request at any stage of the introductory process.